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Honduras Mission Trips is the visitor's hosting side of FIPADEH, a non profit organization involved with development in Honduras.

HMT is dedicated to gap the bridge between people wanting to get involved in mission trips and local groups interested on receiving and collaborating with such groups. We can provide you with a solution to your specific needs or desires about missions in Latin America, from a simple match to totally organizing of your mission trip, including in country transportation, housing, food, projects, sight seeing and touring; all this focused to your specific purpose and philosophy. Currently, we have a huge database of groups in Honduras (religious and non religious) with projects and ideas at different levels of development who want and desire outside partner collaboration. These projects range from building and house construction, to medical and sanitary help, including educational institutions interested on student short term exchange experiences and informative understanding/cultural experiencing. Some groups have come with specific purposes in mind like: Building homes and/or water systems. Visiting and helping orphanages. Visiting churches. Sharing learning experiences with college level students. Visiting local high schools. Helping elderly homes. Meeting people with same interests. Sports related activities. Understanding rural living.








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