Watersports in Bali

Bali is one of the most famous destinations of the world. One of the first honeymoon choices and a long time vacation. But this famous island is not only that. Bali is surrounded by wonderful beaches. The sea and its occupation is a favorite hobby for  many people who find a true paradise in Bali. There are many water sports that you can do on the famous  beaches of Bali and have a good time with your friends or the love of your life. The most important thing is the right equipment and an educated guide to teach you all the techniques. Let’s see the most famous watersports you can enjoy in the beaches of this marvelous island.


Windsurfing requires a balance on a board, but with an ally not the waves, but the wind, that is why the board is accompanied by the cloth and the handle for the manipulations. It is important to visit one of the beaches on the north side of the island in order for the area to be windy enough. The sizes of the board and sail vary according to each person’s body and experience, so beginners will have to spend a few hours on a wide board with supervisor and teacher advice to get used to the sport.


Demanding, difficult and sometimes dangerous, Kitesurf requires a  proper education in order to “fly” which is  the basic purpose of sport  but also to move above the water. First of all, it includes complex equipment such as a parachute, a helmet and a life jacket. It also requires the area to be windy enough so the north of the island is the main option too.

Water ski

The hard thing about water skiing is the beginning. So the athlete sinks into the water with his knees bent and his arms straightened straight by holding the rope, with the shoes hanging upwards and the rope lying between the sandals. From this attitude, when the boat starts, the athlete straightens and enjoys the surface of the sea. It sounds difficult, but after a few attempts it will make you enjoy it a lot. In any case, you will need a lesson for the very first time.


Surfing requires no rules but patience, good physical condition and of course huge  waves. What you should first know about the hard-paced sport with the plank which goes through the waves is the so-called paddling. This is the process in which the surfer, lying down on the board and with his chest raised, uses his arms like oars to move into the water. After paddling you have to climb up the board and stay up on it as the wave is approaching.

Sea parachute

One of the most famous water sports, is the sea parachute that takes you off – literally – and brings the sea to your feet. It is absolutely forbidden to those who are afraid of heights, but enjoyable to the others who enjoy their flight, the view and the sea breeze.

Scuba diving

One of the most famous water sports activities in Bali is scuba diving. With the right equipment and the help of an expert you can find yourself surrounded by the rarest fish you have ever seen in your life. It is very important to have the proper education before diving into the water.

Whatever anyone chooses ,one thing is for sure: If you want to live out of the order, book a flight, find a great room in one of the 5 star resorts Bali and give yourself an experience that you have never lived or will never do. And don’t forget that it is the moments not the things that make our life unforgettable.