Traveling in Indonesia

From all the islands of the Indian Ocean, I chose to visit the island of Bali with the capital Denpasar as a beginning. From the Balinese language, I could keep a phrase about the sounds: “Sine Kien Kien”, “No problem” In Java, I followed the traces of the great Arthur Rebo, who, as a mercenary of the colonial Dutch army and deserter, stepped on this dirt, having certainly come into contact with the  faith and worship of the great Being. Indonesia is a vast volcano and the caldera spreads to a vast surface. The volcano Bromo, is inhabited by Tenger. Princess Rara Adeg, daughter of King Brawijaya, and Zaga Senger, who attempted in the 15th century AD. to prevent the Islamic expansion, so they have resorted to Mount Bromo. On the full moon of the month of Caspato (December), the residents remember the sacrifice of a child, submitting offers for Cesuma, his son Rara Adeg and Zara Senger. This sacrifice calms down the furious gods and they were the same ones who had mediated the healing of the couple’s nipples. The offerings are grabbed by those who present at the ceremony, because they believe they extend their own life.

Then I decided to visit the Muslim cemeteries of Jakarta. I left my luxury spa Jakarta has in a huge variety and leaded by a local to the cemeteries of the city. Such a huge difference,don’t you thing. This is most beautiful part about Jakarta; this city is full of differences.

As I was reaching the place, I thought they were attitudes of obligatory humility. Arabs, for the sake of counsel, read to you quotes from the Koran, something like prayer. The etiquette of funerals, for those who do not know the language of Muhammad is read by locals. The main demands of prayers are to secure a good place in Paradise. Everyone appropriates God, believing he speaks in their language. Muhammad has come to believe that the dead man’s grave can become a Faith mark. On the southern outskirts of Jakarta, I pumped on a wonderful Albert Kami’s motto from the Conversations: “Real artists do not underestimate anything. They are obliged to understand everything, not to judge them. Here, the Greek words used are many, such as Dia-lo-ge, Teologi, Harmoni, etc. The reason now for an excellent sculptor, Alzhi Yuli, who is in the “Dia-lo-gue” exposes 18 dolls from 30 to 90 centimeters, yielding the maturity of the female of Oceania. “Love eruption diffuses and adorns” with various pieces of cloth. I could characterize it as a diversion of visual expression, something similar to the older legend of Leger, which flourishes in the Banyamas district of central Java.

This artistic performance of Yuli reminds me of the prologue of a book I was reading on my trip to Indonesia and a characteristic phrase that said: I return to the public what they dream of. I continued my trip and tour around the capital of the Indonesian country. Salihara Theater Station, in the southern suburbs of Jakarta was my next stop. The female dancer stands on the knees in a way you feel that she prays to her own God. Music is played by nine musicians in the meanwhile and sometimes sing, accompanying rudimentary action and twists and turns. The prince, which is a leading character, remains a bit of passion among the others. «A golden mask stands between his legs. He wears it. He does not trust his existence at all. This was one of the most unforgettable representations I have ever seen in my life. Burning the umbrella at the end of the show implies the ultimate changing the king.

I will never be the same after the days I spent in Jakarta..