Seaside Trip to Hua Hin for a Slower Pace of Beach Life

Spend any time in Hua Hin and you’ll probably find that your blood pressure starts to decline as you settle into the beach life. Whether relaxing on the sandy beach, taking a boat cruise on the Pran Buri River with a loved one, or shopping for arts and crafts, life doesn’t operate at the same hectic pace as some other parts of Thailand.

Let’s see what there is to do in Hua Hin to keep you occupied.

Apartment Living Near the Beach

When looking for a long term rental Hua Hin, plan to be there a while. The place grows on you progressively and in the end, you’ll not want to leave.

Staying in an apartment is much more preferable to using a hotel; it instantly feels like home. There won’t be any concerns about what might go missing with maid service or room safes that can be opened by staff whenever they like. It provides a secure feeling that’s very welcome when staying away from home.

Mercado de Plearnwan

Mercado de Plearnwan is a highly rated village designed in a retro style. While there, you’ll find small stores, little boutiques and delightful restaurants that will dazzle your taste buds. The whole area is very accommodating and is a breath of fresh air set against the backdrop of busier parts of Hua Hin plying for trade.

Prices remain very affordable with food from hawker stalls and restaurants alike being set at reasonable levels. The Thai food however, is not watered down to survive Western palettes, so order accordingly.

Water Park Delights

The Vana Nava Hua Hin Water Park is packed with fun things to do for people of almost any age. There are several pools to relax alongside and occasionally take a dip. The obstacle course will keep the kids occupied as they try to beat their best time. And, of course, there’s an extensive and vibrantly colored waterslide park that has a jungle theme to keep it interesting.

Along with these activities, there are many restaurants and snack counters to dine out or nibble on something before diving into the next activity.

Cicada Market

To find the latest handmade crafts, local artwork and fun, head over to Cicada Market. Here you’ll find adventurous Thais with something to show you and probably wares to sell you too. There’s often a live band playing at the market. Several art galleries are open close by as well.

The market is completely different to touristy ones selling the usual selection of t-shirts, sarongs and knickknacks. Instead, you’ll find one-of-a-kind pieces and curiosities that aren’t easy to locate elsewhere. The vibe of this market is very laid-back and chilled.

A stay in Hua Hin is quite different to one in any other part of the country. It hasn’t gotten quite as commercialized yet and so it attracts both Thais from Bangkok along with foreign tourists who hear about it. A visit is recommended, but keep the secret – Hua Hin is a real gem.