Reveal the Inner Chef in You with a Cooking Class in Bali

You must have heard of Bali – an island in Indonesia that is a top tourist destination. If that is the only thing you know about the island, hang on, there is more to it than just being a famous tourist attraction site. If you have never heard of it, well, here is your chance to go on a Bali discovery mission, read on.

Bali is the most popular of the Indonesian archipelago – Thousands of Islands – that comprises a stretch of 108 islands. It has been a tourist destination for ages and is undoubtedly a top destination in Indonesia. Its wide beautiful beaches and volcano-dominated interiors attract nearly 3 million tourists annually. In fact, in March 2017, Bali was one of the world’s top destinations in a Traveler’s Choice award by a top-rated trip advisor.

In addition, Bali is one of the most romantic islands worldwide. So what makes the island so famous? That would be its unique sceneries and architectures that is a blend of both traditional and modern designs. In spite of current developments including hotels, resorts and golf courses, Bali has retained its original and natural beauty. There is a lot you can do in Bali apart from feeding your eyes with stunning sceneries and enjoying the beach. You can surf, dive, snorkel, visit the island interiors including volcanoes, lakes, and rice terraces, or better yet enroll for a cooking class in Bali.

Delight Your Taste Buds with a Cooking Class in Bali


Every little detail of day-to-day life in Bali encompasses sophisticated art, and the culinary sector has not been left behind. How do you get there? Plan a vacation to Bali, Indonesia and book yourself in a luxury resort located in the island. Stunning rice paddies, lakes, beaches, and gardens that welcome you to an authentic Bali village experience surround hotels and resorts in Bali. Dining options include the fact that you can indulge yourself in a live cooking class in Bali. The idea behind the cooking classes is to provide guests with authentic Balinese culinary skills. Some resorts in Bali offer cooking classes for guests who can select a cooking program that involves a trip to the market in the company of the school culinary team– what a way to tour the Indonesian markets – or a cooking class related to an offering ceremony. Which of these would you go for?

A cooking class in Bali allows guests to experience some of Indonesia’s unique local cuisines hands-on with the Islands exotic produce including lemongrass, turmeric, palm sugar, salam leaves, chili and other previously unfamiliar spices, vegetables and fruits. If you enroll in a cooking class in Bali, you will probably find yourself surrounded by professional chefs in a charming semi-outdoor kitchen that overlooks beautifully terraced rice paddies and getting carried away by floating aromas bubbled the Bali way.

There are numerous options to choose from when it comes to cooking classes in Bali and resorts provide the best that can bring about the best of your inner chef abilities. Taking up a cooking class in Bali will enable you to implement your newly discovered Bali culinary skills in your kitchen after returning home. You can imagine the effect of such skills on your guests at a dinner party – breathtaking!

About Luxurious Bali Resorts


Bali resorts are a melting point of beautiful sceneries complemented by magnificent sunsets and oceanfront views that are perfected by white-sand beaches. Its total relaxation and unwinding with complete access to comfortable and exquisite rooms, classy dining options and live cooking classes, world-class spa treatments and therapy pools and  recreational facilities and services. If you are a newlywed, how about a honeymoon trip to Bali? As you enjoy your honeymoon, how about enrolling in a cooking class in Bali for extra kitchen skills and having fun while at it?