How to Make Your Long-Haul Flight Bearable

Usually, there’s a holiday, business venture or a new city to explore on the other end of a flight, but trying to get through a long-hail flight can be tough majority of the time. For some a section of the latest movies isn’t enough to make the time pass quick enough, here’s a look at some novel ideas to make your next journey bearable.

A Luxury Travel Pillow

Before you’re quick to dismiss this keep reading! The majority of travel pillows on the market are literally just small versions of regular pillows. However, finding a technically designed travelling pillow will change your perception of them. Travel neck pillows from Trtl and similar companies are created to give you a comfortable sleep without feeling sore/ stiff after. Most competitors are just handing out small pillows in the hope that people buy them last minute, take the time to buy a well-designed pillow before your trip, and you’ll be able to sleep through the whole journey!

A Good Book

Try your best to head into a bookshop before the trip (not in the airport) pick a couple of books out and read a chapter. Sometimes the blurb isn’t enough to entice you some having a read might give you a book you want to finish off if you don’t tend to read regularly.

Comfortable Clothes

One of the most distracting things on the plane is not being comfortable, dressing nice for the airport might be the original idea, but realistically it’s going to be a nightmare for hours, and you might not be able to get comfortable. Jogger, an oversized hoody or whatever else you might find comfy either pack it in your hand luggage or just wear it to the airport.

Earplugs or Earphones

Either or, you should take something with you that is going to cancel out any potential noises that make keep you awake all flight or distract you from what you’re trying to preoccupy yourself with. Noise cancelling earphone would be the best advice, they can literally cancel out the sound of the plane with isn’t the best from some frequent flyers.

Portable Charger

Mobile Devices are essential when it comes to long-distance travelling and running out of juice can make a long flight longer if you don’t have a charger available. Whether it’s for watching a TV show, an Ebook or playing games, batteries often die too quickly when you need them most.