Getting to Grips With Whale Watching Tours

You may have seen one of the Star Trek films in which the heroes need to travel through space and time in order to find two whales to return to Earth.  If you love whales and would like to see more of them, you may be pleased to know that you won’t have to go through quite such difficulties in order to do so!  Byron Bay Whale watching Tours are available that will help you get up close to these marvellous creatures – and you won’t need a time travelling star ship to help you!

Why not the local marine park?

There is nothing wrong with many of the major reputable marine parks and aquaria. Many of these institutions do superb scientific and conservation work and offer the public the opportunity to see whales in close proximity. Their efforts are to be applauded and supported. However, many experts, including those that are associated with such institutions, will only too readily admit that their displays can only be a poor approximation of the vast natural environments that whales would normally live in. It can be difficult to feel as if you are really experiencing the true nature of whales if they are in a relatively small enclosure and you are separated from them by glass walls. If you really wish to feel as though you are seeing them, as they should be, whale watching tours may be the answer.

What are whale watching tours?

There are various forms of such holiday available. Some may be partly land and partly ship based.  On land you may be able to see rescued whales and attempts to rehabilitate them back into the sea; or you may be able to see whales from the shoreline and attend classes given by experts that will help raise your awareness of all aspects of these creatures’ lives.

Out in the open water you may find yourself cruising alongside whales, watching them surface and vent.  Once again, expert tuition will be on hand to ensure that you can maximise your time with them. Depending upon the prevailing conditions and location, it may even be possible to swim in the vicinity of whales as they pass by. As you would expect, accommodation, be it land or sea based, will be of an excellent standard.

The benefits

Of course, most people like to return from holiday feeling that it has been an enjoyable break from their normal routine. Whale watching tours may be able to achieve not only that, but you might also return feeling that you have learned a lot from your holiday and, perhaps, are a little more aware of some of the problems faced by the world’s ocean creatures.  If that means that you will be a little bit more inclined to add your voice to those clamouring for change, then that can only be a good thing.