5 of the Best Hotels in Thailand

Are you planning a trip to Thailand, but you aren’t sure where to book your stay? Well, you can rest assured that there are a variety of amazing hotels throughout Thailand, many of which are luxurious and close to the shore so you can enjoy your days relaxing and having fun. Check out our picks of some of the best hotels in Thailand to help you narrow down your search for the ideal accommodation.

1.      dusitD2 Ao Nang

Featuring spacious rooms in a convenient location, dusitD2 is the best Ao Nang Hotel, Krabi Thailand. Located on a lovely hillside in downtown Ao Nang, you can enjoy unforgettable views of the jungle while also being able to walk to the beach. On top of that, this hotel offers easy access to the many unforgettable attractions in Krabi, along with a spa for ultimate relaxation and pampering in between your outdoor excursions.

2.      Soneva Kiri

If you are in search of luxury hotels, definitely check out Soneva Kiri, which is an extraordinary resort that will make you feel as though you are in paradise. Take your shoes off and walk around barefoot as you relax your cares away, and take advantage of spacious villas, amazing pools, nighttime stargazing, delicious dining options, and much more.

3.      The Surin Phuket

Another fabulous luxury hotel that you should definitely consider when planning your trip to Thailand is The Surin Phuket, which is found on the secluded and pristine beach known as Pansea Beach. The hotel is surrounded by rainforest, too, so you will feel truly immersed in the beauty of Mother Nature. There are private cottages as well as suites to choose from, and you can also enjoy time at the spa, go swimming in the pool, and participate in a wide range of outdoor activities, such as kayaking and snorkeling. If you want to relax your cares away while taking in breathtaking views everywhere you turn, certainly check out this hotel.

4.      Four Seasons Resort

The Four Seasons Resort in Chiang Mai puts you in a peaceful setting that offers natural beauty everywhere you turn, so you never have to feel as though you are missing out on an opportunity to truly unwind and take it all in. The resort features several villas that are located poolside, and you can also enjoy fabulous views of rice paddies, the Mae Rim Valley, and water buffalo. Definitely a setting like no other, this is the place to be if you want to plan a vacation that you will never forget.

5.      Dream Phuket

The great thing about Dream Phuket is that it features an eco-friendly design in a setting that provides you with breathtaking views of mountains, sunsets, and more. Considered one of the top luxury hotels in all of Thailand, there are villas, suites, and guest rooms to choose from, so you can plan your perfect getaway.

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Seaside Trip to Hua Hin for a Slower Pace of Beach Life

Spend any time in Hua Hin and you’ll probably find that your blood pressure starts to decline as you settle into the beach life. Whether relaxing on the sandy beach, taking a boat cruise on the Pran Buri River with a loved one, or shopping for arts and crafts, life doesn’t operate at the same hectic pace as some other parts of Thailand.

Let’s see what there is to do in Hua Hin to keep you occupied.

Apartment Living Near the Beach

When looking for a long term rental Hua Hin, plan to be there a while. The place grows on you progressively and in the end, you’ll not want to leave.

Staying in an apartment is much more preferable to using a hotel; it instantly feels like home. There won’t be any concerns about what might go missing with maid service or room safes that can be opened by staff whenever they like. It provides a secure feeling that’s very welcome when staying away from home.

Mercado de Plearnwan

Mercado de Plearnwan is a highly rated village designed in a retro style. While there, you’ll find small stores, little boutiques and delightful restaurants that will dazzle your taste buds. The whole area is very accommodating and is a breath of fresh air set against the backdrop of busier parts of Hua Hin plying for trade.

Prices remain very affordable with food from hawker stalls and restaurants alike being set at reasonable levels. The Thai food however, is not watered down to survive Western palettes, so order accordingly.

Water Park Delights

The Vana Nava Hua Hin Water Park is packed with fun things to do for people of almost any age. There are several pools to relax alongside and occasionally take a dip. The obstacle course will keep the kids occupied as they try to beat their best time. And, of course, there’s an extensive and vibrantly colored waterslide park that has a jungle theme to keep it interesting.

Along with these activities, there are many restaurants and snack counters to dine out or nibble on something before diving into the next activity.

Cicada Market

To find the latest handmade crafts, local artwork and fun, head over to Cicada Market. Here you’ll find adventurous Thais with something to show you and probably wares to sell you too. There’s often a live band playing at the market. Several art galleries are open close by as well.

The market is completely different to touristy ones selling the usual selection of t-shirts, sarongs and knickknacks. Instead, you’ll find one-of-a-kind pieces and curiosities that aren’t easy to locate elsewhere. The vibe of this market is very laid-back and chilled.

A stay in Hua Hin is quite different to one in any other part of the country. It hasn’t gotten quite as commercialized yet and so it attracts both Thais from Bangkok along with foreign tourists who hear about it. A visit is recommended, but keep the secret – Hua Hin is a … Read More

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What Services Are Offered by the gov.uk Website?

Set up in 2012, the gov.uk website covers 25 of the UK’s ministerial departments as well as nearly 400 other agencies and associated public bodies.  Through this digital service, British citizens can do many of their government-related paperwork online without queuing in offices or spending hours on the phone.  The website is extremely simple to navigate with easy-to-understand headings, sidebars referring citizens to the department they require and a search tool to help them with other pages or related services.

One of the key ways that gov.uk has tried to help improve the online services available is to use citizen research to analyse the user experience.  This has been part of a broader policy to make the workings of government more open to the public.  Such a policy includes the availability of data under a Freedom of Information request.  The information collected will be of value for a number of different groups such as:

  • Government service managers (to look at ways to improve their own department).
  • Journalists.
  • Researchers.
  • Interested UK citizens and residents.

In order to make it easier to see the performance of different departments or services at a glance, 384 dashboards have been set up (out of the 780 services available via the gov.uk site).  These dashboards cover the vast majority of the most common services requested by British citizens and were responsible for over a billion different online transactions last year.  In this analysis of the user experience, the dashboard evaluates performance using a number of different criteria:

  • Cost per transaction.
  • User satisfaction (a percentage rating awarded by users with all data supplied completely anonymously).
  • The completion rate.
  • The digital take-up rate (the number of online transactions compared to transactions carried out by post/phone).

Let’s take the example of the vehicle tax renewals which is a service offered by the Department of Transport.  From October 2016-September 2017, there were over 47 million digital transactions.  This had a total cost of £51.8 million or approximately £1.10 per transaction.  The completion rate was 60%, the digital take-up rate was 84.1% while the user satisfaction rate was 93.4%.

Apart from carrying out transactions, the gov.uk website is used by millions of people to search for information about thousands of issues from their eligibility to state benefits to the documents needed to travel abroad.  The language used on these pages of information is deliberately kept simple enough for laypeople to understand without problems.

Through the gov.uk website British citizens can also refer to thousands of public announcements, published research papers, official statistics and consultations.  These papers don’t only refer to the work of government bodies but also by independent autonomous bodies such as the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority).  This organisation has been responsible for regulating and overseeing any firm offering consumer financial products or services from credit cards to short-term loans since 2014.  Borrowers must never take out a short term loan unless it’s from a reputable company which is authorised by the FCA.

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