Things that must be considered when traveling with the elderly

Ensure he is healthy enough to travel
Before you consider traveling with your grandfather or grandmother, make sure they hold the plane or train for hours, walk in hot or cold places, or eat unfamiliar food.
Don’t just believe what they say. To be more convincing, consult a doctor and ask what medicines need to be taken. Ask for additional recipes so that everything is ready when there is a delay.
There are also other factors that can be taken into consideration such as certain seasons in the destination country (spring pollen can cause problems for people with asthma and lung disorders), and pollution, as well as other things. Make sure you are aware of allergies and their medical conditions, and never force them to go with someone who is elderly when the doctor does not permit.

Although spontaneity can add excitement when traveling alone, it will be different when you are traveling with an elderly person.
I know you want to get the best from the trip. But when composing a series of trips, remember that the elderly are more easily tired. Don’t forget to give a lot of pause on the way so they can rest to take a breath.

In Europe, you can buy all kinds of tickets for tourist attractions online, which you can do to avoid long queues. In my story, we have bought tickets long ago for our train journey from Milan to other cities and also museum entrance tickets such as the Louvre, so there is no time and energy we spent in a queue (believe me, the queue is very long during holidays).
Traveling with elderly relatives means having to focus on quality rather than quantity. Spend more time in fewer places.

Traveling slowly somewhere may not be a common thing for young travelers today, but all have a lesson: you can appreciate more about everything you find!
I am often too busy with the habit of taking photos for Instagram when traveling, but I have learned from this experience about the importance of stopping and enjoying the scenery.
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Better Enjoyment with the Calgary Escape Room Games

Inspired by movies or series of action and adventure Escape games place you in complete immersion in a universe and a room from which you must go out. With 60 minutes inside, you must solve puzzles to find the combination that will allow you to escape.

Any resolution is made without force, so it is useless to raise the cast before participating in a game of escape. The spirit of deduction and reflection will be enough to solve the puzzles. You can be helped by the Master of the game that will help you find answers to different challenges. Now with the balanced Calgary escape room price, you will be able to have the best time there outside your daily work and tedious schedules. This is the best that you can have now.

There is no need to climb tables, desks, chairs or shelves in the room, as all manipulations of clues or objects are done at the height of less than 1m70. If you think you need to use an object in height, it may be that the outcome of your investigation is through an interaction with it through another object in the game.

  • You will not need to play acrobats or contortionists by sneaking into tight places or jumping from one platform to another. Every enigma, every inquiry, resolves itself down to earth with the spirit in turmoil.
  • It would be futile to try to dismantle the furniture and furniture present in the scene because remember that it is a game and not a job interview for a famous Swedish furniture brand.

Be investigators

Feel free to search the inside of the room to find the clue or code that will solve your problem. Examine your environment well, sharpen your sense of observation to give your mind all the ingredients you need for your deduction.

Communication will be a valuable ally

Remember that you are a team and that communication can be very useful, not to say capital, to get you out of it. When you do not know, say it and share your thoughts with your playmates so that you can share your observations and progress in your escape plan.

Do not neglect any aspect of the room, any thoughts of your classmates, and keep in mind that if you have great difficulty, the Master of the game can give you additional clues to guide you in your quest. Another important element: have fun! It is above all a game, and it would be a shame to leave without having a good time with friends, colleagues or family.


The time has come for you and your team to solve the latest puzzles and gather all the solutions to open the chest, go out and win finally. If you miss some answers, it’s the last moment, go for it! Do not waste time. Concentrate all your energy to get there; you are not far away. You can do it.

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Tips for Traveling Long distances with Children

Traveling far by car is fun, especially with family. The saturation moment of driving seems to be remedied when interspersed with talking with a partner or hearing your little one talk. However, cheerfulness with family can turn out to be disastrous if parents fail to maintain children’s comfort and safety. What should be considered when carrying a child on a long trip by car?

Comply With Traffic Regulations
The first tip before traveling with a child is to always remember to obey road markings and traffic rules to prevent events that could endanger the safety of you and your child.

Sit the child in the back seat and make sure the child seat belt is attached
Sitting the child in the back seat is much safer than sitting in the front seat. When the car brakes suddenly, the child will avoid colliding with the dashboard or windshield. For children under 5 years old, it will be better if you are seated in a car seat for toddlers. Also attach the seat belt to the child even though he sits in the back seat to maintain his safety from things that are not desirable.

Always Lock the Car When Running
The child’s high curiosity allows him to suddenly open the car door when the car is speeding. Therefore, do not forget to lock the door with the central lock function when the car is running. This function makes the car can only be opened from the driver’s door. By locking with the central system, the car is also avoided from the risk of the door being opened from the outside by someone else.

Always Provide Food, Entertainment and Medicines for Children
In addition to enough change of clothes, make sure your child isn’t hungry and thirsty on the road. Buying food on the trip can certainly be an option, but bringing food from home is preferred because in addition to being more economical, the cleanliness is more guaranteed. Do not forget to also bring toys that can entertain children during driving, because most children will be bored if they have to sit for a long time. Simple child games can also be an alternative so that children remain cheerful. You can bring personal medicines for children and eucalyptus oil if needed.

Withdrawal At Least 2-3 Hours
On average, children aged 13 years and under will waste water 13 times a day. Therefore, step in the rest area every 2-3 hours so the child can urinate and stretch his legs. If you keep driving without stopping, chances are the child will be fussy because of boredom and can disturb your concentration while driving.

Don’t Leave Children in a Hot Car
Generally, the temperature of the car can rise 10o-15o Celsius every 15 minutes, and the child’s body temperature can increase 3-5 times faster than adults because the water reserves in the body are lower. Leaving your child in a hot car even if you open a window can cause you to experience Read More

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